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Bridging The Gap Between Sport and Business

Tuesday 17th May 2016 - Posted in Business
by The Yorkshire Mafia

Business isn’t all about swapping cards or going for coffee, it can also be about the shared enjoyment of something as simple as a bike ride. Ride 25, an exhibitor at this years Buy Yorkshire event, explain how ‘The Heart of Yorkshire Sportive 2016’ hopes to attract more than 500 riders to bridge the gap from bike to business.

Stan (Richard ...


Social Media - Is Anybody Listening?

Thursday 30th April 2015 - Posted in Business
by Phil Cockayne

Dear Social Media Customer Service,

I’m currently utilising several social media platforms to try and engage with my customers, reach new customers and build an active following.

Sadly, I’m not having the results that I expected.

What can you do to solve this problem?


95% of Businesses



He’s Not The Messiah, He’s a Very Naughty Boy

Thursday 5th March 2015 - Posted in Business
by David Hoghton-Carter, social entrepreneur and founder of CoLab

Let’s start off here with a statement I’m sure some people will agree with, but will make others guffaw: over-amped faux business titles get my blood up. Running through sites like LinkedIn, or online business profiles, or simply after I’m handed a business card, I see someone referring to themselves as a “guru”, or a “wizard”, or a “ninja”, an...


The 6 things customers really want - Part One

Monday 2nd February 2015 - Posted in Business
by Nigel Greenwood, Founder of Simply Customer

After 25 years working with local, national and international businesses to improve the customer experience, and having analysed tens of thousands of customer comments, research and complaints, I believe any business can deliver a great customer experience, increase sales and cut costs by making sure they deliver 6 things that a customer really...


Wouter van Tol likes zeros

Tuesday 6th November 2012 - Posted in Business
by Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability Marketing & Communication, Nestlé

Wouter van Tol is Head of Sustainability Marketing & Communication for Nestlé UK & Ireland. Based in York, he is responsible for sustainability strategy, responsible sourcing, communication and public affairs. Ever since moving to the UK from his native country The Netherlands he has lived and worked in Yorkshire.

…Any business trying to crea...


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