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How can marketing help my business?

0 comments Monday 9th February 2015
By Jane Ellison-Bates

There are very few businesses or organisations that can survive without marketing. Essentially it needs to be an integral building block in starting or growing any company because without it, however good your product and service might be, it is most likely to be destined to failure or at best, mediocre tickover.

So why are so many small bus...


Nervous of Networking?

0 comments Friday 21st March 2014
By Jane Ellison-Bates

Networking shouldn’t be scary. It’s something we do without thinking, quite naturally in our human relationships with friends and relatives. For example, someone might ask you ‘Where’s the best place to get a haircut in your town’ and the chances are you will be able to suggest somewhere you’ve been and feel comfortable referring that person to...


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