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Is there benefit in a .yorkshire internet domain?

0 comments Wednesday 21st May 2014
By Stewart Arnold

The Tour de France impending arrival in Yorkshire has undoubtedly focused the minds of all those who have a business in the region. The interest already generated by the event is enormous and the region will want to build on that awareness and especially on how we best promote Yorkshire in July and beyond. As part of this process I was thinking...


Yorkshire's positive image can help our brands succeed

0 comments Tuesday 11th March 2014
By Stewart Arnold

In the 1990s comedians Hale and Pace featured a spoof based on the fictional ‘Yorkshire Airlines’. The sketch by the two (southern) comedians drew on the typical Yorkshire stereotypes: flat caps, whippets, mushy peas and Geoffrey Boycott. I am not that po-faced to think it wasn’t funny but seeing it now on You Tube I wonder if the largely negat...


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