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"Unofficially Yorkshire": The rise of the business community

0 comments Monday 11th May 2015
By Geoff Shepherd

No mandate, no authority, no taxpayer funds, no quangos, no fees…and yet…

No one asked us to do it, no one gave us any funding, no staff were seconded across, there were no committees and we weren’t promoted by any Government department or quango.

It’s completely UNOFFICIAL… We are completely unofficial… but, there are thousands of business...


A very Yorkshire Mafia 2013

0 comments Friday 10th January 2014
By Geoff Shepherd

Here’s what we all did together in 2013:

Read and be proud.

£250000 of in-kind charitable giving done through Skill Will in Q4.

Over 14000 business people brought together face-to-face in Yorkshire (what’s the economic impact of that?).

We delivered the UK’s finest online peer to peer advisory and support network.

We delivered the ...


Slowly slowly

0 comments Tuesday 4th October 2011
By Geoff Shepherd

So, why Kilimanjaro?

Being the highest point in Africa and the highest stand-alone mountain in the world made Kilimanjaro an attraction in terms of a personal challenge. Combine that with the prospect of doing something meaningful for a charity and it was a pretty tempting mix. It’s this kind of initiative that The Guardian wrote about in ref...


Knowing me, knowing you

2 comments Sunday 28th August 2011
By Geoff Shepherd

It’s been an interesting time since we started the Yorkshire Mafia back in November 2008. Since that time we’ve see terrible natural disasters, social media has helped to affect regime change, the housing market has declined considerably, we’ve had the Comprehensive Spending Review and subsequent cuts, there has been rioting in English towns an...


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