Buy Yorkshire continues to be a game-changer for the region

Tuesday 18th July 2017
by Lindsey Davies - Open Communications

The Buy Yorkshire Conference is the largest business to business event in the North. In order to create an event of this size and scale, it’s up to us here at the YM to pull out all of the stops and to attract speakers, exhibitors and delegates alike.

It’s no easy feat, but after months of planning and many, many hours on the phone, there is no better feeling than watching it all come together. The weather this year wasn’t quite what we were hoping for, with the rain bouncing off the pavement, but that didn’t seem to dampen spirits.

Delegates were arriving from 8am, despite the doors not officially opening until 9.30am. Little did many of the exhibitors and delegates know that by this time, we had already contributed to two live interviews with BBC Radio Leeds who brought their video van along. As is often the case, it was an early start.

As you would expect, the event does attract media attention and this only builds on its credibility. During the second day, as an example, we secured BBC Radio Five Live, who were broadcasting from the event all day, as well as BBC One for the 6 O’clock News.

People were talking about the broadcasts during the day, as interviews with speakers and exhibitors were arranged, and then post event as people relayed the coverage they had heard and seen. Giving the event further longevity as a result of this coverage and knowing that it will secure headlines across print over the next week is great.

We are often asked what makes the Buy Yorkshire Conference such an impressive event and why it has become a staple in the annual business calendar for entrepreneurs and it’s really quite simple; bring together an amazing line-up of speakers, an eclectic mix of exhibitors and open it up to delegates for free and you have a winning formula.

Of course, what you also need is a team of people that will pull out all of the stops and who will be 100 per cent committed to making the event the success that they know it should be. This isn’t easy, and there are times when you sit at your desk tearing your own hair out, but that’s just like any other job.

What is truly inspiring about the Buy Yorkshire Conference is the way that so many people come together to work, play and learn. Think Yorkshire took place after the first day and we had a fantastic turnout of digital experts who came together to discuss the technology of tomorrow.

After the second day, during the Buy Yorkshire drinks event, there were more than 300 people all taking the time to meet up and to share a drink, it was amazing. There are very few events that will consistently attract such a strong audience and the demographic of business owners and influencers meant that people were making really valuable connections with each other.

The no selling rule is enforced at Buy Yorkshire and this seems to work for everyone who understands the YM and what it’s all about. Stronger Together is the philosophy of the organisation, which is reinforced throughout.

We are already planning next year’s event, which will celebrate 10 years of the YM. We can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by and we know that the next decade will be very different but we’ve learnt and experienced so much we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you came along to the event then please do share your thoughts. With plans in place to make some subtle – but we feel essential – changes to the event next year, we would really like to know what people want to see so that we can continue to evolve and to meet and exceed people’s expectations.

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