Ho Ho Homeless at Christmas!? expands beyond Leeds...

Thursday 10th December 2015
Geoff Shepherd

A couple of weeks ago my 2 young boys and I met Kevin, a homeless man in Leeds. My boys and I were walking back to the car across Centenary Bridge in Brewery Wharf and they were naturally curious about why a man was sat on the bridge in the dark on his own in the cold weather. After a few minutes chatting, Kevin refused the £20 I offered him, saying it was ‘too much’ at Christmas. He kindly suggested that I might need it for my own family instead and he then… he wrote a Christmas card for my boys!

I made sure that he accepted the money and we all spent a few more minutes talking (my boys still ask how he is, and I see Kevin regularly now). That evening, I set up a mini-campaign: Ho Ho Homeless at Christmas?! which has now raised £1000 to buy items, from which we can create Winter Gift Packs, for our homeless people to help get them through what must be an awful time of year for many of them. On top of that we have had many items donated.

We now also hold the record for the most money spent in one transaction in Poundland at Crown Point in Leeds! Initially curious as to why we had 60 tubes of toothpaste and 60 pairs of gloves in a basket, the store manager (Richard) and the man who served us (Joe) were both brilliant.

Ellie Sharp from AQL has been a huge help (AQL are helping with wrapping and packing) and a local charity has offered to help distribute the packs.

We now have The Yorkshire Mafia’s ‘Ho Ho Homeless in York’ and Sheffield being lined up for next year alongside Leeds.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated (it’s not too late!) cash and/or new items of warm clothing/hats/gloves/dog treats/blankets etc.

Lindsey Davies from Open Communications has offered to help get some press exposure.

Ho Ho Homeless at Christmas?! is a great example of what can happen when people unite to do good for others.

If you want to donate money then it’s not too late!
If you have new warm clothing (2nd hand winter coats are great) that you’d wish to donate then get in touch!

We are Stronger Together
Merry Christmas!

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